USVI vacation

US Virgin Islands

Fun Things to do in the Virgin Islands:

Coki Beach
 - feed the fish, then snorkel with them

Bolongo Bay Beach Resort
- Carnival Extravaganza every week

St John Day Trip
 - spend the day at Trunk Bay

K-Mart (really)
- the cheapest place to buy Cruzan Rum !

Coral World Ocean Park
- see all the fish without getting wet

Atlantis Submarine
- another underwater adventure

BVI Day Trip
- Swim The Baths of Virgin Gorda

Boat Rental or Charter Service
- Visit incredible islands and beaches

Jewelry Shopping Downtown
- incredible finds for all tastes

Fish Vendors
- get some fresh tuna and cook it up !


Hello from the Virgin Islands !

Here's some great ideas for your U.S. Virgin Island vacation. Written by someone who has been there enough to know a few things and what some of your most interesting choices might be.

Also, there's a few tips on how to get around on St Thomas.

The beaches here are just outstanding. My personal favorite beach in the Virgin Islands is Coki Beach. Megan's Bay get's great reviews too.

The Virgin Islands offers interesting real estate, beach condo rentals, diving and snorkeling trips, dinner cruises, sports fishing, yacht charters and small boat rentals.

St. Thomas is the jewelry shopping capital of not only the Virgin islands, but also of the entire Caribbean. Just remember to know what you are shopping for. And for those on a budget, there's a huge K-Mart !

St Thomas, USVI
Beaches, snorkeling, shopping, deep sea fishing, resorts,
real estate, dinner cruises and endless sunshine.

Any time of the year is great in the Virgin Islands. The spring and
summer months can have less crowds and lower prices.